Dr. Susmit Kumar, Ph.D. 


[Note: Due to Dr Kumar's this highly critical article with extensive data to dispove Dr Das' paper, he resigned as a professor from Ashoka University after a week of publication of this article.]


1.     Most probably all of you would have come to know about Prof Dr Sabyasachi Das’s [he is also getting this email] paper “Democratic Backsliding in the World’s Largest Democracy” [you can download it from “Download xxx link” at the website]


2.     Even Time magazine wrote an article on his paper:




3.     Here are main points in this article:


(i)              Same analysis would wipeout 16% seats of Congress MPs in 2019 Parliamentary elections under Dr Das’ criteria as Congress party has won 8 seats out of 52 seats in 2019 Parliamentary elections under Dr Das’ criteria where it was ruling whereas Dr Das is questioning only 22 seats [won in BJP-ruled states] out of 303 seats under same criteria won by BJP in the same elections.


(ii)            Same analysis would reduce Mamata Banerjee and her TMC party’s seats from 231 to 133 [she would lose 98 seats], i.e. reducing TMC to a minority in a 294 seat assembly.



(iii)          Dr Das has tried to prove that in last few years, Election Commission of India (ECI) has been working as a tool of BJP whereas since independence, it was doing exemplary honest work. But during Congress party-led UPA-I and UPA-II, allegations against ECI were much more serious that it was working as a Congress party tool because members of ECI had people like IAS Navin Chawla who can be said to be pet dog of Congress Party because he used to go to washroom, leaving the important Election Commission meetings which was leading the Chief Election Commissioner to receive calls from Congress High Command. The then Chief Election Commission even asked President of India to remove Chawla as the member of ECI of which UPA-I had made its member in 2005. On the other hand, Congress Party-led UPA-II made the same Navin Chawla, the Chief of Election Commission of India (ECI) in 2009.


(iv)          It is worth noting that Shah Commission, a commission of inquiry appointed by Government of India in 1977 to inquire into all the excesses committed in the Indian Emergency (1975 - 77). [It was headed by Justice J.C. Shah, a former chief Justice of India], wrote – “.. Navin Chawla … [is] …  unfit to hold any public office.” [Page 247 pare IV (iii)]




https://countercurrents.org/shah-commission-interim-report2.pdf (please search the name of "Chawla" - you will find at 96 places - although he was an IAS officer, he did a lot of nasty things during the Emergency Rule (1975-77). Please see one incident involving him in Shah Commission Interim Report 2 Page 34– how nasty person he was!!!!







After Indira Gandhi won elections in 1980 again, she attempted to recall as many copies of Shah Commission Reports as possible and destroy them. In the end only few copies survived – one was at National Library of Australia.


(v)            Dr Das’ paper does not consider all variables and hence should not be published anywhere at all.


(vi)          Dr Das would create a big chaos in Indian politics because people like Laloo Yadav, Akilesh Yahav, Rahul Gandhi and children of all the dynasties of various political parties would just find some shady mathematicians and then give a call to lakhs and lakhs of their illiterate followers to undermine the elections once they would lose any election.


(vii)         Before the emergence of Donald Trump, politicians in US used to accept defeat with grace but now several Republicans have started questioning winners after they get defeated. Due to Dr Das, now India would start to witness the same and it would create a law and order problem at a large scale.


4.     I am sending this article to Mr. Shashi Tharoor, one of prime backer of Dr Das and one of few sane politicians in Congress party. He should ask Dr Das to leave India for good and take the first available flight to the US.


5.     Dr Das needs to join Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential Campaign where he would get a lot of money. But he should get the money upfront because Trump is notorious for not paying after service is done. Also he has to keep a distance from lies of trump otherwise he would end up in the cell next to Trump in the jail.


6.     Dr Das should have some brain to understand before starting this type of Trumpish research and its repercussions.


7.     As I have written below, Dr Das needs to withdraw his paper at the earliest or else Ashoka University management [they are also getting this email] should show him the door for doing a dubious Trumpish research.


8.     In his paper,


Abstract says: “….Manipulation appears to take the form of targeted electoral discrimination against India’s largest minority group – Muslims, partly facilitated by weak monitoring by election observers. The results present a worrying development for the future of democracy.”


Here are some screenshots from his paper:


Screenshot Number 1 [out of 59 parliamentary constituencies (PCs), only 22 PCs were in BJP-ruled states which were below 0.05 (or 5% vote) absolute win margin]






Screenshot Number 2 – Questioning Credibility of Election Commission of India in last few years





Screenshot Number 3 – Praising Function of Election Commission of India till last few years





Screenshot Number 4 - Concluding remarks in his paper





My (Dr Susmit Kumar’s) Comments’ on Dr Das Paper


  • 1.     I am demanding resignation of Prof Dr Sabyasachi Das, India’s version of Donald Trump before he further damages the political atmosphere of India. If he does not resign, Ashoka University needs to show him the door.


  • 2.     Since I came to know about his paper from the Indian newspapers, I have written more than 10-12 emails to him, Ashoka University management, 30+ professors in his own economics department in Ashoka University and Prime Minister office as well as top officials in India by providing documentary proofs of errors and deficiencies in Dr Das’ paper as well as future law and order problem which his paper would create in the same way as Donald Trump phenomenon has created in the US, i.e. several Republican politicians all over the US have started questioning the outcome of election results even if they lose by tens of percentages of votes.


  • 3.     Dr Das’ paper has major deficiencies as he has introduced several questionable variables while coming up his results which he wants, i.e. to question just 22 parliamentary seats [7.26% seats out of total seats won] out of 303 seats won by BJP in the 2019 parliamentary elections – even if we take 22 seats out of 303, still BJP on its own would have 281 seats which would be more than 273 required for the majority in the parliament.









  • Dr Das Calculations does not consider all the Variables – for an examples, it does not consider local politics at all: (The numbers are from Wikipedia page)


Firozabad in UP (one of 22 BJP’s seats in Dr Das list)- everyone knows that BJP won the seat mainly because of Shivpal Singh Yadav (disgruntle uncle of Mulayam Singh Yadav's son Akilesh Yadav) who fought against his own nephew SP's Akshay Yadav, not to win, but to see his nephew defeated by dividing Yadav vote – if you add his 91K+ vote to Akshay Yadav, Akshay would have won!!!






  • 4.     But if we apply similar variables in Congress party’s 2019 parliamentary elections, it would lose 8 seats [in Congress-ruled states] out of 52 seats won, which means it will wipe out 15.38 percent of its total seats.


  • 5.     We have to apply similar variables in Mamata Banerjee’s TMC 2021 West Bengal State elections at 0.07 absolute win margin level because there were large scale vote irregularities in this election and hence the win margin should be taken higher than 0.05. At 0.07 level, TMC would lose 98 seats (a whopping 42.42%) out of 231 seats, leaving her with only 133 and her TMC a minority party as these 98 seats would go to BJP, Congress and Communists. In West Bengal, one can add more variables because Mamata Banerjee had done many nasty things [remember “Khela Hobe” of Mamata Banerjee] which were not done in any other elections in any other states - that's why the absolute margin level would be high in West Bengal.


  • 6.     Since 1982, all the West Bengal elections there are completely bogus - yes COMPLETELY BOGUS - It is well known in political circles. Till 2011 state elections, it was done by Communist parties who were capturing the booths, but due to the Nandigram massacre of innocent villagers, the same goondas/goons, paid killers of Communist parties, switched their allegiance to Mamata Banerjee and her TMC party which does not allow anyone to vote at numerous polling booths all over the state.


  • 7.     This happens only in West Bengal and not in any other state in India, be a Congress-ruled or BJP-ruled state.


  • 8.     Please see one 50 min video of Times Now Indian TV Channel for 2019 Parliamentary election - BJP was able to win some seats, mainly because the central govt of the Modi administration was able to deploy the central paramilitary forces at some polling booths and but not at all the booths - but in 2011 West Bengal State elections, Mamata Banerjee did not allow these forces to be deployed at polling booths which she wanted to capture - hence she won massive 231 (out of 294) seats but significant number of these seats were won by thin margins - in certain areas Muslims (about 28% of population) did not allow even a single Hindu to vote - yes even a single Hindu to vote.


  • 9.     Please watch this Times Now video of 2019 parliamentary elections which has live polling booth video showing how a genuine Hindu voter, with a valid voter card, claims inside the polling room to presiding officer that somebody else had already voted in his name!!!!!!!! You will not see this happening in any other state, be a BJP or Congress-ruled state - it happens only in West Bengal where Communists ruled like Stalin since 1977 - they were winning by booth capturing since early 1980s till 2011 and since then Mamata Banerjee is doing the same. Not only during elections, even without elections these goons terrorize the oppositions and innocents, by massacres and brutal killings like Stalin did in Soviet Union.


Intel EXPOSES 'pre-planning', Why 'block' Hindus from voting? | India Upfront With Rahul Shivshankar



8.     Please read these - they do not even hesitate to rape a 60+ old woman!







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